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The Hawaii Airports Corporation still needs your support

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At the State Capitol, the House-Senate conference committee is preparing to discuss SB 2996, SD3, HD 1 RELATING TO A HAWAI’I AIRPORTS CORPORATION. During this stage of the Legislative session, Senate and House members will try to work out their differences on this transformational legislation. 

Senate and House lawmakers are to be congratulated for their willingness to endorse significant change. There have been only two “no” votes as this bill has worked its way through the process (see who voted here). We are thankful to all of you whose supportive testimony helped move the bill forward. 

The only sticking point involves procurement. In  order to be successful, the Hawai’i Airports Corporation (HAC) must be able to promulgate its own procurement rules, as is the case with most airports in the country. The latest version of this bill advanced by the Senate (SD3) accomplishes this objective. The House version (HD1), would instead keep the HAC tied to a procurement system that will hinder the corporation’s ability to successfully bring our airports into the new millennium.

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